Frequently Asked Questions


What is covered in the delivery fee?

The delivery fee covers one delivery. If there are two deliveries, this fee will be charged twice due to rising costs in gas. However, there are discount codes that offer free delivery. So keep an eye out for those on our social media pages!

What should I do with my delivery bags?

You can simply hand it to us when we deliver your meals next, or leave the bags out the night before or morning of your delivery. If bags are not received for the week prior, a one time $4.99 bag fee will be charged to the account after 1 week of not receiving the missing insulated bag. If a user purchases a week of meals with a discount and immediately cancels, they’ll receive a $4.99 bag fee.

What are the average macros for each plan?

ATHLETE- (433 Cal, 34P, 34C, 14F) PRO- (585 Cal, 45P, 51C, 23F) KETO- (472 Cal, 39P, 10C, 31F, 8 Net Carbs) VEGAN- (543 Cal, 37P, 63C, 18F)

Can I get a refund after my payment has posted?

After an automatic payment has posted we do not offer refunds. However, you can pause indefinitely and use the credit on your account anytime without that credit expiring in the future. 

What are the delivery days and deadlines to order?

Delivery days:

Sunday 6am-6pm 

       -Deadline to order for Sun: Thursday 12pm

Wednesday 6am-6pm

       -Deadline to order for Weds: Sunday 12pm

**Delivery times vary by city, we deliver everywhere between Bradenton to Oldsmar, and mainly the Tampa to Land O Lakes areas.

What if I want to schedule a delivery?

For a specific day:

-We do offer the ability to receive your meals on Monday or Tuesday as well. In case you are out of town or won’t be home to grab your meals Sunday or Wednesday. Text or Call us to do so (813) 434-0381.

For a specific time:

-We do our best to get your meals to you on time, if you need your meals at a specific time on Sunday or Wednesday, text or call us at (813) 434-0381 to do so.

Can I pickup my meals or is it delivery only?

We currently offer delivery only, as we partner with gyms and now offer Grab & Go meals (single meals) at locations like CMT CrossFit (Channelside-Tampa) & Gold’s Gym (Waters Ave. Tampa). But we currently do not have a pickup location until we open our storefront location the summer of 2023.

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