About Us

Our Mission

Here at A.M. Fit Meals we pride ourselves in giving back to those in need here in Tampa Bay. By partnering with Feeding Tampa Bay, we are dedicated to helping those in need by supplying food to those who need it most. 

           We will also take part in ending Human Sex Trafficking, by consistent donations and hands-on volunteering with Operation Lightshine (OLS). Their mission, which has always been a goal of ours, is to fight Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation domestically and abroad. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to not only help others with ready-to-go meals to those with little to no time. But to also make an impact on those who need our help the most.  

   We will continue giving our time, resources, and earnings to our community, and every community we grow within. One person at a time, One meal at a time.

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